Full automatic fillers with flowmeters (providing 0,005 accuracy) and volumetric filling
Complete line possibility with one side or double side self adhesive labeller & capper for trigger, dispenser, screw caps


Volumetric or flow meter system Easy set nozzle group
Adjustable pump according to the product Adjustable nozzle group at every step
Speed adjustable, deep immersed nozzle system Automatic washing system
Invertor for all motors Adjustment of all rollers through the screen
Touchscreen panel Encoder in nozzle motor
Machine stop when nozzles do not reach the bottles Special teflon felts
Adjustable photocells Driping pan (removable when needed)

We can offer complete line, including filler, labeller, capper and collecting table:


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Self-adhesive labeller

One side Available
Double side Available
Suitable for cylindrical, oval, rectanbular bottles


Capper for triggers

Trigger cap feed and placing Manual
Trigger cap screwing Auto
Capper for screw cap Available
Capper for spray (dispenser) cap Available